How Sheila got into rearing Large Black pig and why she chose this particular breed:
Sheila has been rearing Large Black pigs for five years at Seven Fields Farm and is driven by a desire to promote one of Britain’s rarest breeds, rearing them to produce great tasting high welfare meat. First and foremost Sheila was attracted to the Large Black pig because of incredible flavour of the meat it produced. Secondly the Large Black pig is one of Britain’s rarest pig breeds and she could not let the bloodline of such an incredible breed go extinct on her watch. The welfare of her animals is of the utmost importance and so the farm is run organically under a Higher Level Stewardship Agreement. Sheila wants to prove that by rearing her pigs in such a way produces a meat that is far superior in flavour to commercially produced meat.

The challenges that Sheila is facing producing Large Black Pig:
In Sheila’s words rearing Large Black pigs in the way she does is certainly not ‘a big money venture’. For example the numbers of pigs are kept at a level where she can ensure they can graze as much as possible, the piglets are allowed to wean for much longer than commercial piglets are, and the mothers are given time off after giving birth meaning there are fewer litters. All these ensure that Sheila produces great tasting pork while maintaining high standards of living for her pigs, but the extra costs mean she has to convince the public it is worth spending the extra money on high quality, high welfare meat.

Products that Sheila is offering:
When it is available Sheila sells the meat of her Large Black pigs including cuts, bacon and sausages made using just pork and seasoning. Sheila also raises Belted Galloway cattle, bred to the same standards as the Large Black pigs. For more information on how to buy Sheila’s meat visit the website or contact her directly.

Sheila’s favourite Large Black Pig recipe:
A current favourite of Sheila is a Vietnamese prepared pork tenderloin dish.

Contact details:
Address: Darwell Hill, Netherfield, Battle, East Sussex, TN33 9QH
Phone: 07771 823 909