How Richard got into producing Colchester Native Oysters and why he chose this particular product:
Oyster farming is in Richard’s blood as his family began farming off the West Mersea coast in the mid 18th Century. He has been oyster farming for most his life and there is very little Richard doesn’t know about the business. He is aware of what it takes to produce the perfect oyster; patience, attention to detail and a respect for an ingredient that has been present in Britain for over 2000 years. Richard’s oysters are dredged from the River Blackwater and laid in their oyster beds where they fatten, enriched by incoming tides which bring rich nutrients from the marshlands. For Richard these wonderful ingredients have stood the test of time and therefore deserve our full respect, it is essential that he works alongside nature to ensure these oysters can be enjoyed by generations to come.

Products that Richard is offering:
Richard Colchester Native Oysters come in 4 different sizes. He also sells rock oysters all available on his website. Haward’s Oysters also run a small restaurant on the shores of West Mersea called The Company Shed. You can eat Colchester Native Oysters here as well as other locally caught sea food.

Richard’s favourite Colchester Native Oyster recipe: Coming soon.

Contact details:
Address: 129 Coast Road, West Mersea, Essex, CO5 8PA
Phone: +44 (0) 7802 244 113