How Peter got into rearing Ark of Taste pig breeds and why he chose these particular breeds:
Peter is a self-proclaimed ‘man on a mission’. Farming is his business and his passion, and while he works very heard to make his business a success he is also intent on promoting a system of farming to the public that focuses high welfare animals where quality is the most important factor, not quantity. Peter was born to a family of retailers, food manufacturers and farmers and so has had a view of the ‘food system’ in it’s entirety. From the age of 17 he took over the family market stalls and gradually grew the business selling bacon, sausages and other farm related products. Peter, along with  his wife Christine and daughter Julie, has been running the farm for over 20 years now, rearing wild boar, rare breed pigs and poultry, all of which are free range. For Peter rare breed pigs are the best to eat with perfect, flavoursome fat, and beautiful, tender meat, and he is keen to not only promote their wonderful flavour but also their qualities as individual breeds. Peter is a busy man splitting his time between the farm, driving his produce down to London and selling it, as well as promoting quality food and food production to the media and the public. In his own words he is proud to continue the ‘farm to fork’ tradition his family have always stuck to and would love nothing more than to see high welfare, lovingly produced meat back on Britain’s plates.

Products that Peter is offering:
Peter offers a range of Ark of Taste rare breed pig products from sausages to bacon as well as various cuts and chops. For more information visit the website or contact the farm.

Peter’s favourite Forgotten Food pig breed recipe:
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Contact details:

Address: Sillfield Farm, Endmoor, Kendal, Cumbria, LA8 OHZ
Phone: 015395 67609