How Peter got into producing Manx Kippers and why he chose this particular product:
Peter has been working at Devereau’s since the age of 13, when he was delivering kippers door to door on his pushbike. Peter bought the business in 1972 from the Devereau family, taking charge of the kipper curing factory and shop. Now run by the Canipa family, Devereau’s supply high quality, traditionally made kippers throughout the Island and the rest of the UK. The distinctive taste of the final product are the result of years of experience as well as using sustainably fished, high quality herring. The Canipa family are insistent on using the same traditional smoking and curing methods they have always used, and refuse to cut corners when it comes to producing kippers.

The challenges that Peter is facing producing Manx Kippers:
With there being less and less traditional kipper producers today, the Canipa family are facing an uphill battle reminding the public what real kippers taste like rather than the cheaper versions more widely available which are made using liquid smoke and dyes.

Products that Peter is offering:
Devereau’s sells kippers either whole or filletted. They are available to buy online at the Devereau’s website. They also can be bought at Booths, our Forgotten Foods partner.

Peter’s favourite Manx Kipper recipe:
The Devereau’s website lists several recipes, but a firm favourite is the simple yet delicious Kipper pate.

Contact details:
Address: 33 Castle Street, Douglas, Isle of Man, IM1 2EX
Phone: +44 (0) 1624 673257