How Mike and Luke got into producing Pedigree Welsh Pigs and why he chose this particular breed
Mike and Luke Cross are a father and son team based in the beautiful Gower Peninsula. Historically Welsh Pigs have been reared on their land, and so Mike and Luke take great pride in bringing the breed back to the Gower. Having started in January 2005 they have been focused on rearing Welsh Pigs, dedicated to preserving the legacy of the breed. The original pigs they kept were just used to provide the family with sustainable produced, good quality pork. In Mike’s own words after “turning the pork to the fork the family were smitten”, as they loved the succulent, lean meat the pigs produced. Mike knows the only way to preserve the breeds is to get people eating the meat, and the only way to do this is to convince the public of the quality of meat the breed produce. The high welfare of the pigs is of the utmost priority at Kilvrough Welsh Pigs, as pigs which are reared non-intensively and allowed to root around the farm to their hearts content produce meat of the highest quality. Mike is a dedicated member of the Pedigree Welsh Pig Society, with whom he works closely to promote the breed getting their meat back onto plates across Wales and the UK.

The challenges that Mike is facing producing Pedigree Welsh Pigs
Mike’s biggest challenge is coping with the uncertain prices of pig feed. He says this is by far his greatest cost and so this means that traditionally rearing pigs costs more. Convincing the public to spend the extra bit of money on this high quality meat is a challenge for Mike.

Products that Mike and Luke are offering 
Mike and Luke provide a range of cuts and joints from Pedigree Welsh Pigs, for more information visit the website, or call them directly. The also have a hog roast hire to cater for larger private events.

Mike and Luke’s favourite Pedigree Welsh Pig recipe
A favourite of Mike’s is the pig cheeks (he always pinches them if he is doing a hog roast). A favourite recipe of his is slow cooked Pedigree Welsh pig cheeks with onions, leeks, thyme and wholegrain mustard in a stock with white wine. This works well in a slow cooker. The secret is to get the sinew to go soft and turn into a jelly.

Contact details
Address: Kilvrough,Gower,Swansea SA3 2EE
Phone: 07967 488016