How Mary got into producing Whey Butter why she chose this particular product:
For over 450 years the Quicke family has owned and cared for the farm at Newton St. Cyres in Devon. Here, 40 years ago, Sir John Quicke and his wife, Prue, built the dairy where today their daughter Mary produces cheese as well as other dairy products – supported by a skilled team of cheese-makers who are dedicated to producing cheese of the highest quality. Milk is the most important ingredient in the cheese-making process and so by careful management of their flock of cows, which are free to graze on the lush Devonshire pastures that surround the dairy, they are able to produce truly oustanding cheese. The decision to start producing Whey Butter 40 years ago was an easy one as whey is a by-product of the cheese-making process. While Whey Butter is a simple ingredient it is a result of the high quality raw milk used in the cheese-making process at Quickes Traditional and the skill and hard work of a team that are dedicated to producing cheese and whey butter in the traditional manner.

Products that Mary is offering:
Whey Butter is available to buy on the farm’s website, either salted or unsalted. Quickes Dairy primarily produces cheese and has therefore also a range of high quality British cheeses available online.

Mary’s favourite Whey Butter recipe:
The beauty of Whey Butter is it’s simplicity and so Mary likes to keep it simple – there is no need for fancy embellishment. She spreads it on crackers with a few vine ripened tomatoes. Otherwise the butter is really good if it is used to make an icing for a cake.

Contact details:
Address: Home Farm, Newton St Cyres, Exeter, Devon, EX5 5AY
Phone: 01392 851222