How John got into rearing Large Black pigs and why he chose this particular breed:
It all started with a simple question that John Eaton put to his friend Chris Biggs back in May 2007 about finding someone with a bit of land for rent on which he could raise a few pigs. Conveniently Chris had the land, while John had the time and having shook hands they bought their first sow ‘Mavis’, and one week later they had their first litter. John is driven by a desire to re-introduce the Large Black Pig back into Cornwall as the pig of choice for anyone who wants to keep a few (or more) pigs. John is determined to rear his pigs in the traditional way, totally outdoors. His pigs live stress free lives and are free to roam the fields, grazing on grass as well as rooting around all the oak trees on the farm, the way pigs should.

The challenges that John is facing producing Large Black Pigs:
Large Black Pigs are a very slow growing breed, taking almost twice as long as other breeds to reach slaughter weight. As a result butchers have difficulty convincing their customers to spend the extra money on high quality slow grown meat, such as that from John Eaton.

Products that John is offering:
On the website John is offering a variety of meatboxes, joints, sausages and cured meats.

John’s favourite Large Black pig recipe:
A favourite recipe of John’s is Cornish pulled pork, an American classic made using pork shoulder from his own slow grown pigs.

Contact details:
Address: Lankelly Farm, Lankelly, Fowey, Cornwall, PL23 1HN
Phone: +44 (0) 1726 832 880