How Diana got into producing Portland Sheep and why she chose this particular breed
Diana has been rearing Portland sheep for over 25 years, since the Rare Breeds Survival Trust was first set up to promote endangered animal breeds in Britain. Living relatively close to Portland, it was an easy decision to rear Portland Sheep as they wanted to support an incredibly rare breed (there were only 300 in existence at the time) which was a part of their regions rich culinary heritage. This distinctive and beautiful breed of sheep are relatively small, easy to manage and most importantly produce a unique, delicious quality of meat. Her lambs are killed at a year old and the meat is hung to give it a darker colour, with a more intensely flavoured, lean meat. It is this great quality, unique tasting meat that Diana continues to promote today.

The challenges that Diana is facing producing Portland Sheep
Portland Sheep are a great breed to rear as they are easy to manage, however they only produce one lamb at at time. Because of this it has taken Diana a long time to expand her flock to its size today.

Products that Diana is offering 
Diana has a range of cuts from her sheep when in season. As their is limited availability, ring or email to find out more information.

Diana’s favourite Portland Sheep recipe
A favourite of Diana is a slow roasted shoulder of Portland Lamb, made using plenty of garlic, onion, tomatoes, rosemary and flageolet beans.

Contact Details:
Address: Meerhay Manor, Beaminster, Dorset DT8 3SB
Phone: 01308 862305