Michael set up The River Tweed Wild Salmon Company in 2015 as a social enterprise to ensure the continuation of the traditional net and coble fishing method as part of the Berwick upon Tweed heritage. The Company ensures this method of fishing continues as an ongoing ‘live practice’ for young people in the area, and is able to welcome small groups to experience operating Net and Coble fishing on one of the world’s most famous salmon rivers.

Fishing for salmon has taken place for over 900 hundred years within the estuary of the River Tweed at Gardo fishery.

In the late 18th century several laws were passed and the only legal method from then on would be by Net and Coble. The industry grew and due to the improved rail links direct to London, the fresh fish were able to be served in the best hotels and restaurants. In the 1980s the industry retracted through the demise of The Berwick Salmon Company and the organised buy out of net fisheries from the Atlantic Salmon Conservation Trust.

The closure of a couple more commercial fisheries, and with farmed salmon being heavily promoted, resulted in there being only one remaining netting station operating commercially on the River Tweed, Gardo.  Gardo Fishery is located within the estuary at Berwick upon Tweed.

This is the only avenue for Tweed Salmon and Sea Trout to the market as it is illegal to sell rod caught fish.



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