How Jane and Alan got into producing Colwick Cheese and why they chose this particular product
Jane and Alan live on a small family farm overlooking the picturesque Vale of Belvoir Ridge in Leicestershire. Alan’s grandfather moved to the area in the 1930s, and set about gradually improving the land on the farm. The pastures now have a mineral rich, free draining soil growing clover, cocksfoot, chicory, & yarrow, perfect for their herd of Red Poll cows to feed on. Having kept cows since he was very young, Alan wanted to find the perfect dual purpose cow, producing great tasting meat and high quality milk, and the Red Poll ticked both these boxes. The low profit margins in dairy farming led Jane and Alan to start producing cheese. Jane was brought up near Nottingham, where Colwick Cheese is still a part of many people’s memories, and having experimented with traditional cheesemaking techniques for many years, the move to Colwick Cheese was an easy decision. Today Jane and Alan produce Colwick Cheese, as well as Slipcote cheese, using the best quality milk from their own herd. Their commitment to using only the best quality raw materials, and a respect to traditional cheesemaking techniques, means that Jane and Alan are able to produce the best quality cheeses, that are up their with the best produce in Leicestershire.

The challenges that they are facing producing Colwick Cheese
Being a fresh cheese, estimating orders & making the right quantity of Colwick Cheese is always difficult.

Products that they are offering 
As well as Colwick , Jane and Alan also produce the local Slipcote cheese, a white mould ripened cheese, made predominantly in Rutland which had a gooey edge, that in hot weather sometimes slipped its coat!

Their favourite Colwick Cheese recipe
As they are kept busy on the farm and dairy, Jane and Alan generally do simple things with Colwick, its great chopped in a home grown summer salad tossed with a fruit vinegar based dressing. With a lot of game available around the farm, they also sometimes use Colwick cheese to stuff a pheasant breast, wrapped with some smoked bacon.

Contact details:
Address: Crossroads Farm, Scalford Road, Eastwell, Leicestershire, LE14 4EF