How the Montgomery’s got into producing Cheddar and why they chose this particular product:
The Montgomery family have been farming in North and South Cadbury for three generations, making their famous Montgomery’s Cheddar. Since the farm was bought in 1911 by James’s grandfather, a commitment to producing the best quality cheddar, made using unpasteurized organic milk, has been the key to their success. James knows that to produce consistently high quality cheese, attention to detail is essential and so every aspect of the process is closely observed. By closely monitoring the feed his 200 strong herd of Friesian cows eat and the ratio of grass to solids in their diets, he can control the levels of fat and protein in their milk, and therefore have greater control of the final product in the dairy. After being bound in cloth the cheeses are then matured for at least a year, giving the distinct deep, rich and nutty taste associated with Montgomery’s Cheddar.

A commitment to quality and tradition is what has defined Montgomery’s Cheddar for over a century, and so in 2004 James and George Keen, and  Richard Calver set up the Slow Food Somerset Cheddar Presidia, in order to define what traditional cheddar is.

Products that the Montgomery’s are offering:

Montgomery’s Cheddar offers a range of their product matured for 12 months, or 18 months for the extra matured cheddar. They also produce a beautiful smoked cheddar all available on the website.

Their favourite Cheddar recipe: Coming soon

Contact details:
Address: Village Stores, 6 Woolston Road, North Cadbury, YEOVIL, Somerset, BA22 7DW
Phone: 01963 440201