Why the Grimsby Traditional Fish Smokers Group formed?
The Grimsby Traditional Fish Smokers Group (GTFS) is made up of five companies from the Grimsby Fish Docks who are dedicated to producing the unique and authentic taste of Grimsby Traditional Smoked Fish, a delicacy synonymous with the local area. These producers are committed to preserving the distinct set of traditional skills, practiced over 150 years, which produce beautifully smoked haddock and cod. A dedication to traditional methods, and sustainably sourcing only the best quality fish, means that the five GTFS producers are able to produce a unique product, which proudly champions Grimsby’s historical ties to the fishing industry. As a result of this Traditional Grimsby Smoked Fish was awarded PGI status in 2009 by the European Union.

The five GTFS producers are: Alfred Enderby Ltd, GH Abernethie Ltd, MTL Fish Curers Ltd, Seachill, Sealord Caistor Ltd

Favourite Grimsby Smoked Haddock recipe
The website has a range of recipes, but a favourite has to be the smoked haddock kedgeree; a British classic which can be eaten at any time of day.

Contact details
Address: Chairman Richard Enderby, Maclure Street, Fish Docks, Grimsby, DN31 3NE
E-mail: smoked@alfredenderby.co.uk
Phone: 01472 342984
Web: http://gtfsgroup.co.uk