How Graham got into producing Artisan Double Curd Lancashire Cheese and why he chose this particular product
Graham is the 4th generation of cheesemaker, making his decision to enter the business a fairly straightforward one. His mother Mrs Ruth Kirkham began making Lancashire cheese at Beesley over 30 years ago. Graham joined the family business in 1993, promoting his wonderful product through farmers markets and events, slowly building the reputation of his cheese on a local and national level. Over the last 3 years the farm has been able to build a new state of teh art milking station for the 100 strong herd of cows on the farm. As well as this Graham has been able to build great accommodation for the cows, knowing that the welfare of the cows is essential in producing a great final product. With this investment in every level of the cheesemaking process from the field to the dairy, Graham hopes his family’s tradition of producing Lancashire cheese can be built upon for years to come.

Products that Graham is offering 
Mrs Kirkham’s Dairy offers Lancashire cheese both plain and smoked. As well as this they offer a range of crackers and condiments which compliment their cheese perfectly.

Graham’s favourite Artisan Double Curd Lancashire Cheese recipes
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Contact details
Address: Beesley Farm, Mill Lane, Goosnargh, Preston, Lancashire, PR32FL
Phone: 01772 865335