How Faye and Tim got into rearing their pigs and why they chose these breeds
Hornblotton Farm, home to Somerset Farm Traditional Breeds, is owned and run by Faye and Tim. They specialise in producing the best quality meat money can buy, with an emphasis on British rare breeds. To get as much flavour in the meat as possible, Faye and Tim know that how they rear their animals is of the utmost importance. The pigs are reared in small groups, with plenty of human contact, and are free feed on the fields around the farm to their hearts content. In their own words “We believe the meat tastes so much better when the animal has had a happy life”. Faye and Tim have three different forgotten food pig breeds, they are: Large Black Pigs, Middle White and British Lop.

Products that Faye and Tim are offering:
Faye and Tim have a range of products made using their rare breed pigs from various cuts to sausages and bacon. They also rear Wiltshire Horn Sheep and South Devon cattle. For more information on where to buy their products please visit the website.

Faye and Tim’s favourite pork recipe:
Faye and Tim also offer a hog roasting service. Whats better than some juicy slow roast pork, with crackling and all the trimmings?

Contact details:
Address: Hornblotton Farm Hornblotton Shepton Mallet Somerset BA4 6SF
Phone: 07880 550 394
Email: via website