How Amanda, Chris and Denise got into producing Tamworth Pig and why they chose this particular product
Having joined forces in 1990, Amanda Cayley and Chris and Denise Walton wanted to realise their vision of successfully running an organically run farm that was focussed on producing high quality, high welfare meat, supplying directly to the customer. When the partnership started they knew they wanted to rear their own rare breed pork, so that they no longer had to eat intensively reared pork which was inferior in quality. Supporting and promoting rare breed animals has always been a primary concern for them and they remain dedicated members of the Rare Breed Survival Trust. Having started with just two Tamworth Pig gilts they have not looked back and now have 30 sows. Tamworth Pigs just so happened to be the closest rare-breed pigs available to buy at the time and so it was a fairly easy decision to make. This decision has proven to be an excellent one as their Tamworth Pigs have an incredible quality of meat and are suited to endure the outdoor free-range conditions at Peelham Farm.

The challenges that they are facing producing Tamworth Pig
Tamworth pigs have a mind of their own. They spend their days foraging and rooting around the fields at Peelham Farm, which often makes them a challenge to contain as they need more space to express their natural behaviour than other pigs.

Products that they are offering 
Peelham Farm offer a range of Tamworth Pig products from bacon, sausages and cured joints to various cuts of the pig, all available online. They also produce grassfed beef, lamb and mutton.

Their favourite Tamworth Pig recipe
A favourite at Peelham Farm is the slow pot-roast shoulder of Tamworth pig.

Contact details:
Address: Foulden, Berwickshire, Scotland, TD15 1UG
Email: via website
Phone: 01890 781 328