Wendy Barrie

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Chef and food writer, Wendy has always been fascinated by local food culture. Growing up with catering and farming connections, what began as a hobby soon became her career. Food events and recipe booklets were her bread and butter; teaching, developing sustainable cooking courses, and later chief inspector for a national food guide. She worked with East Ayrshire Council on their trail blazing school lunches and was twice invited to Italy by Slow Food to share good practice.

Inspired to collaborate more with artisan producers and like-minded chefs, Wendy founded her own food guides in 2002,  www.scottishfoodguide.scot and www.scottishcheesetrail.com and in 2004 won the Food Tourism Catering in Scotland Excellence Award. Dedicated to biodiversity and food heritage, Wendy was invited to Slow Food’s inaugural Terra Madre 2004 and was deeply moved by the experience. At TM06, she met Bosse, a Swedish expert in organic farming with heavy horses and Nordic gene banks including Ark of Taste Linderöd pigs and Fjällnära cows.

Wendy is Scotland’s Leader for the Ark of Taste. Her husband Bosse also researches for Sweden’s Ark so together they have a depth of knowledge of Scottish and Nordic food culture. They created a project to bring back dairy skills to rural communities, even having milk tested for breed analysis. Wendy is also Chair of the Edinburgh Bakers(Baxters) Trust, promoting training for bakers within local food culture and encouraging an understanding and appreciation of bread and heritage grains.

At Scotland’s Royal Highland Show, she manages the theatres in Scotland’s Larder Live; organizing their Scottish Bread Championships she co-founded in 2017 with Scotland the Bread, and supporting their Dairy Championships with artisan cheese tasting. Her collaboration with local producers and chefs extends to commissions in France and Scandinavia.

Wendy is based in Fife – a self-built seaside cottage – where she runs courses at her food studio. In Sweden they enjoy the rural backwaters of Småland on their small organic croft and regularly visit artisan cheesemakers in remote enclaves of Sweden and Norway.


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