Trevor Gulliver

Trevor Gulliver

Trevor Gulliver has been a leading restaurateur for many years creating several award winning and different places in London along the way, to include wine bars, microbreweries, diners, the seminal fire station in Waterloo and of course St. John with Fergus Henderson.

St. John now has the original St. John, Smithfield, St. John Bread and Wine, Spitalfields, the bakery near Borough Market and the new hotel and restaurant in Chinatown.

Along the way, Trevor has worked for Accor and other folk in various locations around the world, looking at their restaurant operations, created HG Wines, St. John’s own wine company, sat on various committees and spoken widely on food, wine and restaurants.

The wine business grew out of a refusal to accept only those wines bought in by others, so, as with their produce, Trevor sorted to go direct to the vigneron. That was a little while ago, and many dusty road miles back now and nowadays the wine department flourishes and enjoys being a “shop window” for wines that otherwise would never make it far, championing as ever the smaller and often happily mad producers!

Trevor still finds time when not busy with St. John to be an international food and wine judge, occasional commentator and a speaker at international food and wine festivals.


St. JOHN Bar and Restaurant


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