Fergus Henderson

Fergus Henderson
Fergus Henderson

Critical acclaim for Fergus’s brand of simple cooking set in an architectural yet simple setting followed and St. John has won more that its fair share of awards and high rankings in national and international listings.

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The son of two architects, Fergus originally studied architecture before his thoughts turned to cooking.

Occasional stints at The Globe in Notting Hill under his belt, Fergus along with his wife Margot took over the dining room at The French House pub in Soho where they quickly earned a loyal following and critical praise.

Fergus was introduced to Trevor Gulliver over supper and, having found the abandoned smoke house on the edge of the city district, and along with the French House Dining Room’s manager – Jon Spiteri, the trio opened St. JOHN in 1994.

Fergus is now a published chef: Nose to Tail Eating – A Kind of British Cooking, first published in 1999 and re-published both in the UK and the US (as The Whole Beast) garnered much acclaim and won the Andre Simon award for food writing. A follow up book, Beyond Nose to Tail Eating was published in 2007.

Fergus and Trevor opened the St. JOHN Hotel in April 2011.


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