Slow Food Scotland

Slow Food Scotland was formed in June 2014 and became a SCIO charity organisation a year later.

Scotland clearly has its own unique food cultures, as well as many challenges, and we are playing our part to make a positive difference. Truly, we believe in ‘good food for everyone’.

We have several programmes running in Scotland. Our Ark of Taste initiative is working to ‘board’ 100 new foods by October 2016. And our Chef Aliance, a network of local chefs, will, amongst other things, bring those forgotten foods to a wider public. We run educational events for children, support small producers and organise representation at global events like Terra Madre.

We also support the Scottish Slow Food Youth Movement and their activities as part of the worldwide Slow Food Youth Network.

As a grassroots, volunteer organisation, our success depends on the commitment and energy of our members and partners. And your membership money ensures that we can continue to campaign and act effectively in Scotland.

When you join Slow Food Scotland, you will be automatically allocated to your nearest convivium. There are at present two in Scotland, as well as a virtual group to cater for many of the far-flung areas where there is no formal convivium.

We look forward to welcoming you to a truly grassroots organisation – born, made and run in Scotland.

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