Supporting regenerative small farms and artisan producers for our future food system

eatTelfit launched in September and we are excited to get going! Having started in 2020 selling produce from our own farm we are reimagining the potential for our farm and surrounding farms that aspire to regenerate and nurture their farms ecosystem.

We have launched our website to be the go-to place for people to eat sustainably, healthily and deliciously. We work with a small number of specially selected high nature value, ethically run farms. We source the finest meat when it’s at its very best and are extremely fortunate for such remarkable producers on our doorstep.

We live in the unique and spectacular Yorkshire Dales. The best environment the UK has to offer for producing spectacular beef and lamb in particular. Slow grown on rough diverse pastures and moorland edge; Time builds flavour into our produce in a way nothing else can.

We take the whole carcass and with great respect age, butcher and freeze our meat. We do this to ensure that all our meat can be sourced at the optimum time for our farmers and the quality of the produce ensuring noting is wasted.

We want to ensure our farmers are rewarded and supported in their care for the land and pay a premium to ensure this.

We also are firm believers in supporting those producing natural, artisan foods of note. Small scale and handmade they need our support to survive in the world of industrialised food and are proud and keen to promote their work and superb products from oils and vinegars to pastas and spices.

All of our produce is delivered to your door in sustainably produced wool lined boxes. We have specially selected boxes of steaks, slow cooking cuts and many more and are keen promoters of buying nose to tail, with half lamb and quarter pig boxes. We also have sourced some exceptional woodland reared turkeys for Christmas this year.

Please help us in Supporting regenerative small farms and artisan producers towards our future food system.

The earth needs us to take stock. So do you.


eatTelfit. It’s Time To Give Back.  https://eattelfit.co.uk/

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