A little under a year ago, PAMA won the Supreme Champion Slow Food product (for their Sauerkraut), in the Slow Food in the UK Awards. No easy feat normally, but what was extraordinary is they won by the biggest margin of any product, since the awards started almost ten years ago.

Now we are ferment fiends here at Slow Food (Though we don’t choose the award winners – they are a public vote), and when we heard that PAMA was launching some new products including some under their new SUUR brand we had to taste them.

The classic Sauerkraut is a product which is much loved, and also one stocked by numerous retailers, but this summer they launched a Wild Garlic and Seaweed version. Foraged wild garlic leaves, is mixed with Cornish seaweed, and then long fermented using nothing more than Lusienhall salt and pepper. The kraut takes these ingredients and makes a jar of something deeply savoury – like the most savoury sauerkraut you have ever tasted – such that we kept dipping back in to the jar.

Shots of the fermented brine are now available in 100ml bottles. We will be honest and say we were a touch skeptical about these – yes, they are full of good gut (probiotic) bacteria – but would this not be just a salty shot? No. A touch salty of course, but actually leaving you wanting more, and bizarrely sating: one of these at lunchtime had us barely wanting lunch at all, and a sense of bright lightness. They now very much part of our routine.

The last of their new products, are their hot sauces: A hot sauce which is biodynamic, and aged for 6 months (Rich in flavour, a touch of fruity sweetness… and not unpalatably hot), is joined by two Sriracha – regular (punchy, good acidity balance with a touch of sugar), and our new favourite sauce ever, Lemon Sriracha (Made with persevered lemons as well as yellow Habanero chilli. Its, spicy, salty, acidic, fruity, and utterly, utterly addictive – we have put it on, well, everything.

The final new product is Green Salsa hot sauce – super mild, with green pepper notes – great in avocado wraps with lots of coriander, and a sauce where you want some flavour but not too much heat. This sauce, like all their new sauces are made from rescued peppers, which prevents them from becoming food waste.

All the products are available at https://pama-raw-food.com/

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Highly ethical PAMA – a not for profit, steward owned company – plant two trees for every order, produce food which is organic and always made with the lightest touch on the world.

This is a genuine product review not advertorial.

PAMA are Slow Food Supporters but this review is independent. If the review is incredibly positive, it’s because the products reviewed are seriously delicious and deserve the highest praise.