Three pillars for action

Despite eighteen months where Slow Food communities have suffered extraordinary hardships, the organisation actually finds itself more focused than ever before.

This was very much evident on the call where 75 Councillors and Slow Food International colleagues met. The refinement and introduction of the three pillars of the ‘Call to Action’ document has provided a clear idea of what Slow Food is about, from top to bottom: biodiversity, advocacy and education.

This focus has sparked international working groups on each of the three pillars, surveying what we do now, planning how to do it better, and thinking about the tools that everyone in Slow Food might need to make an impact. ‘Impact’ is a key word. Without knowing the impact we are making, how do we know if our actions are changing anything? And how can we become even more effective?  From how many people share our social media messages, to how many children attend a school garden session, from how much food waste we prevent to the number of policy makers we can reach, everything counts.

Refresh the organisation

Carlo Petrini opened the Councillors meeting with the key message that a movement like Slow Food that defends biodiversity in nature must also embrace diversity at all levels of the organisation.

We must be open for all, and accessible for all.

We must renew our organisation constantly, by promoting and nurturing younger leaders from as wide a background as possible.

Covid has exposed the inequalities in our society, and especially our food system. We must all step up and address these inequalities to ensure that good, clean, fair food is a reality for all.

Also, as a network organisation, we must continue to build the links and enjoy the unique access this world-spanning nature gives us to a global world of people who care about food and its future as much as we do. The recent Climate Action 24-hour online gathering, hosted by Slow Food in the UK (link) is a shining example of this. As we approach and get active around COP26, this global connection will become even more vital. Truly a case of ‘think global, act local’.

Looking forward, the Slow Food Congress postponed from last year, will take place in Turin next year, at the same time of the next Terra Madre Salone del Gusto, in October 2022. At this meeting, a new International Councillor for the UK will be elected.

If you would like to know more about anything relating to the three pillars for action, or any other aspect of the latest Councillor’s Meeting, please contact John Cook, UK Councillor via our contact page.