The countdown to COP26 has begun. Let’s make food part of the solution.

With the effects of Climate Change all around us, from record fires, floods, and heatwaves (new daily records barely even seem news), and big government conferences seeming far from most peoples lives, it can seem hard to know how to make a meaningful difference.

Slow Food in the UK with Slow Food International has created the Slow Food Climate Declaration, and today we are asking you to sign it. 

Launched at the twenty-four hour Slow Food Climate Action Conference which was watched by 8000 people, and more than 40,000 more on social media catch-up,  it calls for a just food system, one which puts food as a solution to the climate crisis, and not the cause.

We will present the global signatories to the UK Govt who hold the presidency of COP26 in November, so this is a way that your voice can be directly heard.

Let them know you care.

Please sign today.