What is it you do in food?

I have a regenerative farm producing 100% outdoor raised heritage breed pork for direct to consumer sales at our local farmers market. With aims to produce poultry, eggs, beef, lamb and honey. 

What does good food mean to you?

I am a very keen cook, I love to cook from scratch everyday to nourish mine and my families bodies. To know where my food comes from is important to me and knowledge that I am eating nutrient dense foods is paramount. Fine dining is definitely one of my favourite past times, when COVID restriction permit.

What other women have influenced you in food?

Absolutely my grandmother, she is a fantastic cook and baker. I believe home cooked food make a house a home. Slow slow slow cooked Irish stew was her signature dish.

Why do we see less women in food and farming in the UK than in many other countries, and how can we change that?

Within school level education I don’t feel like there is encouragement to go into culinary careers of agricultural, also limited knowledge of addition training to go down these routes.  The main stream media do not promote Women in Agriculture/food. It would be good if investors and banks were able to encourage women to feel more supported and confident to expand within agriculture.

What message do you have to other women and young women in particular who are thinking about food or farming as a career?

You are so much stronger than you think you are, physically and mentally. There is a lot, a nurturing hand and level head of a woman can add to a farm. Where you have passion you can make a career it just take perseverance, and you will build a life style not just a career. 

Susan farms at Seaview Farms in Northern Ireland