This week, Slow Food Supporter, Erbology is launching a brand new range of crackers with 100% sustainably-sourced, organic ingredients. And they’re gut-friendly to boot!
Expanding on Erbology’s existing snack range, which includes crackers, prebiotic energy balls and tigernut granola, the new crackers are designed to get the most out of the raw ingredients.
‘We always start with how we can cram the most healthy nutrients into our snacks,’ explains co-founder Irina Turcan. ‘For our new crackers, we’ve created a base of linseeds and sunflower seeds, which are a natural prebiotic.’
Prebiotics are foods which contain indigestible fibre. While your body can’t break it down to absorb the nutrients within, the bacteria in your gut can – and it provides them with a nourishing meal. This allows them to thrive and play their role in keeping you healthy.
However, Erbology takes an extra step which, they believe, makes all the difference.
‘We activate all the nuts and seeds in our snacks,’ Irina says. ‘This kick-starts the germination process and makes all the nutrients inside much easier for our bodies to digest. It’s about getting natural ingredients to work hard for you.’
Activating nuts and seeds also helps to remove phytic acid, a substance naturally found in lots of plant- based foods which makes it harder for you to absorb their minerals.
This means that a single pack of crackers counts as a source of iron, magnesium and B vitamins. The crackers are made using a raw process (which never goes above 42°C) to make sure that all the precious nutrients within remain intact.
When it comes to flavour, Erbology is well-known for creating a mixture of beloved classics and new and exciting tastes. Their classic range included Indian Spiced crackers alongside Georgian Tkemali Plum Sauce crackers.
While expanding the range, Erbology wanted to continue to play with unusual flavours and provide a unique experience.
‘Part of our mission is to scour the world to find the most exciting, flavourful and nutritious ingredients,’ Irina explains. ‘For our new range, we looked specifically at flavourful natural ingredients which already have an impressive nutrient profile.
‘For example, we’ve created crackers in flavours like kimchi, lion’s mane mushroom and cashew cheese. All 100% natural and nutritious in their own right – we’ve just made it even easier to include them in your day.’
Alongside developing the new flavours, the company sourced the ingredients needed for their new snack range from small, independent organic farmers.
‘We’re strict about sustainability,’ says Irina. ‘We want to work with farmers who share our values, and in a lot of cases the farms have been in the same family for generations. They care about their product, and working in small batches allows us to make the most of their expertise.’

The packaging for the snack range is deliberately minimal and fully recyclable, and the company is working on how to incorporate more compostable packaging into their range.
Erbology’s new cracker range is available now at www.erbology.co in Kimchi, Japanese Wasabi, Lion’s Mane Mushroom, Cashew Cheese and Rosemary and Sweet Potato flavours.

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