Wendy Barrie of Slow Food Supporter, Scottish Food Guide, is nailing her colours firmly to the mast and publishing the Scottish Food Guide Charter. Wendy has steadfastly championed family businesses that exemplify the best in Scottish food tourism, creating Scottish Food Guide and its associated Scottish Cheese Trail and Scottish Farm Shops in 2002. The Scottish Food Guide Charter is intended to stand for excellence in Food Tourism.

Wendy says, “Scottish Food Guide showcases the cream of the crop and this Charter explains clearly why its Members are so special. Next year Scottish Food Guide will be twenty years old. Food destinations have come along way since I was chief inspector for another food guide in the 90’s. I am delighted to say the situation has vastly improved however no country is beyond reproach. For some, the excellence of our food is still a pleasant surprise yet we have a rich food culture with much to celebrate. Our food heritage, wherever we may be and whatever our ancestry, is an expression of the marvellous diversity of life and an increasing number of travellers want to appreciate the true heart, soul and produce of their destination and its people.

At Scottish Food Guide we offer something unique – no public funding, no banner advertising, no tick-box accreditation and no bureaucracy! Instead we offer a bespoke service at minimum cost to Members and a truly independent showcase for those seeking the best produce and places to eat, based on comprehensive and personal knowledge of all Members, carefully selected as a result of rigorous research. Furthermore, all purchases and sales generated or facilitated by the Guide are entirely commission free.”

Scottish Food Guide Members are people with passion for what they do: caring about our environment, sourcing with care, skilfully producing artisan food and cooking with flair. What’s not to love so let’s be proud and shout it out!

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Attached images: Scottish Food Guide Charter & Wendy Barrie