Slow Food in the UK and Beyond GM has co-ordinated a campaign with more than 50 NGOs, civil society leaders and farmers to ask our largest UK Supermarkets not to stock genetically engineered/gene edited (GMO) foods.

Why now?

The Government has launched a consultation – ending on 17th March – to allow genetically engineered/gene edited foods (which are GMOs) to be used in the UK. Currently no GMO foods are produced commercially in the UK.

What can I do about this?

You can respond to the consultation and read about the issues by reading this guide from our friends at Beyond GM.

You can also tell the stores that you shop at, that like the majority of British shoppers you don’t want to buy these foods.

We have suggested tweets/posts and the social media accounts of all the major UK stores in this download. It only takes a moment, and is a powerful way alongside answering the consultation of ensuring that your views are heard.

However please feel free to make your own posts, just remember to use the #notinmysupermarket