Yesterday, Parliament overturned the Lords amendments which would have put safeguards on our food supply.

Sadly, it was always going to be and we take no pleasure at all in saying this path we are now on is exactly what was going to happen, and have been saying so for several years.

Whilst some ministers tell us low welfare meat (such as chlorinated chicken) will never come here, it surely will: if the government really didn’t want these products here, they had nothing to lose by enshrining this in law.

But it’s a truism that we already have questionable meat coming from South America, and poultry produced in standards that would be unlawful here coming from South East Asia: it’s what enables the super cheap ready meal to be sold at £1.99

We will never stop fighting for food which is good, clean and fair, but there are practical things we can do now to support high quality British farming.

  • Only buy British meat. If the label doesn’t say it’s British assume it’s not.
  • Better still buy direct from a farmer- either online, farm shop or via a farmer’s market – or from a butcher who names their suppliers.
  • Cook as much food as possible at home
  • If a ready meal seems very cheap, it has almost always come at price somewhere else. Check the label and then check it again.

British retailers have kept GMO out of stores because the public told them they did not want to buy it. Together we can kick out chlorinated chicken, and feedlot soya fed cattle which have been injected with hormones and never seen a blade of grass.