These are unprecedented times in our food system; with consumers wanting to find good food and producers overwhelmed and often unable to trade as they were previously.

If you are a consumer

Google your favourite artisans, many are now selling online and need your custom now more than ever. Most have systems in place for no contact deliveries if you are self-isolating.

Look through the Slow Food Supporters all of whom are producing food with our shared values.

Join our producer Facebook Group at www.facebook.com/groups/slowfoodcommunity where you will find listings of producers and artisans selling food in your area. Can’t see what you need? Ask the community.

If you are a producer/retailer

If you are still open for business let us know, and we can consumers know where they can buy the food that they wish to eat.

If you have an excess product, running a new service (we have heard of great stories of restaurants now producing chilled real food for those in self-isolation) again let us know, and also tell people on our Facebook group www.facebook.com/groups/slowfoodcommunity

Follow us on social media and tag @slowfooduk and will retweet/repost your activities

If you want a list of welfare organisations such as benevolent societies which are able to support staff members, then we can provide this information if you tell us about your business. You should be aware that many of them are overwhelmed with applications.

Stay safe