Here are 10 ways to use bone broth:

  1. Pan – use in a stew or to add it to a fortify a soup. This recipe has healed many a cold over the years and each sip is reviving and immunity boosting so try it now! We also use ox tail or stewing meat (as long as it is grass fed) so the cuts of meat are cheaper. You can beef it up with the addition of sweet potatoes or serve some hot grass-fed-ghee rice on the side.
  2. Cup – add it to smoothies or drink it neat. You don’t have to look far to realise there is a revival of tradition which brings back the drinking of a good quality broth. “A good broth will raise the dead” says one proverb. We heat it gently on the hob (microwave is not recommended ever. In fact I threw mine out about 18 months ago) add some pink Himalayan salt or a fresh chopped chilli and sip it with glee. It is warming, healing and full of glorious sticky gelatin and collagen which heals and seals the gut lining.
  3. Cold. Cross-fitters across London, as well as athletes like the LA Lakers, are adding it to their protein shake in place of whey protein. It packs a real punch of protein with The Bone Broth Beef having 13g of protein (collagen) per pouch. When mixed with other ingredient both the beef and the chicken broth are very neutral I flavour. Try this http://www.planetorganic.com/the-bone-broth-greens-smoothie/
  4. Bone broth fortified roast sweet potatoes. Prick some organic sweet potatoes and put in the oven to roast at 140 c for 45 minutes. Once they are soft when pricked, take them out and let them cool. The peel, discard skin and add soft, roasted insides to a pan with a pouch of The Bone Broth (beef or chicken). Boil the bone broth down to condense with the potatoes. Add a generous knob of grass-fed salted butter or of Ossa Organic grass-fed, organic ghee and a touch of pink salt. Serve as nutritious protein packed meal or side dish. Kids love this and it full of collagen, gelatin and bone broth goodness.
  5. Replace your coffee once a week. Ditch the caffeine and heal and seal your gut with a warming cup of bone broth first thing in the morning. If you haven’t heard of Brodo yet, you must be living under a rock. This broth bar in New York city is seeing new Yorkers pick up a hot broth for gut health and happiness.
  6. Ice lollies
  7. Sausages. There are sausages and there are sausages. I always get my sausages at a farmers market or butcher and look for 98% meat. I brown them slightly in The Tallow and then turn the heat down and let an entire pouch of The Bone Broth (beef or chicken) simmer down to a beautiful and sensationally delicious goo. We are all licking the bowl at the end.
  8. Steamed spinach.
  9. Shepherds pie. See here for the shepherds pie of glory.
  10. Mix it with water. Filter your water. Whether you use a charcoal filter or do what we have done and invest in a whole of house filter, attached to the mains, it is important (especially in London) to purify your water. The water we use in The Bone Broth is spring water and we would not have it any other way. We are 80% water so drink lots of it and make sure it is top notch clean!
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