Now, more than ever, there is a need to get back to basics and consider the quality of our food. What we eat is more than a means to an end. It is an integral part of our wellbeing and as such deserves to be a voyage of discovery, sourcing the best possible sustainable ingredients and preparing meals from scratch.

At a time when recipe books can be little more than bedtime reading and cookery programmes no more than passive entertainment, there is a lethargy surrounding cooking. This precludes its enormous benefits, not only in terms of improved health, but also the pure pleasure and satisfaction of producing an amazing feast and of sharing the ‘event’ with others.

Authentic spices and high quality spice blends have a serious role to play in revitalising our interest in food, at the same time reflecting the cultures and traditional culinary expertise of people around the world.

Slow Food Supporters Spice Pioneer, a passionate foodie, enables us to step out of our comfort zone, be more adventurous, ‘cook up a storm’ and thoroughly enjoy the whole experience. The spices he brings from faraway places, with their well documented health benefits, are naturally sourced ( farmed and wild-harvested) and the exotic recipes are faithful to their origins. By making these spices so easily accessible, yet with no waste, he opens up a whole new world of taste and has reinvented the feel-good factor in the kitchen!

What could be better than relaxing and enjoying ( even preparing) a meal with those around you and making the whole experience a memorable occasion?

You are what you eat
You don’t have to cheat
Make time to prepare
Have fun you can share!
You are what you eat
(Doesn’t have to be meat!)
Choose basic essentials
With greener credentials!
You are what you eat
So cook up a treat
Relax and slow down
For a culinary crown!
You are what you eat
So turn up the heat
And bring out the taste
With none of the waste!
You are what you eat
So make life complete
And with your time well spent
Make a special event!


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