I love seeing people enjoy themselves while eating something wholesome. There’s something to be said about people coming together for a meal. One of the goals of my business is to empower communities and individuals to eat together and cook from scratch. I love seeing people share their stories and experiencing the love that goes into preparing a dish.

We live in a busy, fast-paced world that has forgotten the true power in sharing food and in caring for our body with good, clean ingredients. Often we are unaware of the hidden additives and harmful extras that grace the food industry, but if people cooked more at home they would know exactly what they put into their bodies and vouch for their health in a more responsible way. Cooking has been an important part of history and encompassed many cultures and ingredients from around the world. Food has such a lovely way of bringing people together, and for me part of the joy of cooking is sharing that love and nourishment. It’s more rewarding to share those skills with others and to have a bond with what we eat and how we use it.

Sarah Corbridge

Instagram @scorbfoodie

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