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The Slow Lane

The Slow Lane: First blog post from Stephanie Castelain

From when did things start to accelerate at an incredible speed? When did we start becoming that impatient? When everything has to be instant, where delivery of something we have order has to be done by drone so it is with us within the day? When did we start considering cooking a waste of time and convenience food became the norm? When do Fast food restaurants have become trendy and regular restaurant posh? When has it become the norm that a chicken is grown to 7 pounds in less than 50 days, that we can have strawberries all year around. When do those strawberries have become a normal fruits for Christmas desert? It has not always been this way. There was a time, not so long ago, just before mass consumption where goods which were bought, were first of all well considered to ensure the spending was indeed necessary and not a waste. People had to wait to have their clothes made to measure, or their furniture. Growing food took time, the cycles of Nature were known and respected. Bread was made from sourdough and people had to wait several raises of the dough before being able to bake it. The aromas of the bread would spread all over the house and people would anticipate the savours of this freshly baked bread and their smell and view would be aroused before their taste buds.
For your next meal, skip the fast lane and the supermarket for once. Go to your local farmer shop or your local grocer. Speak with the staff and enquire about the wonderful products they have on display. Find out their preferences, ask for recommendations in line with your tastes. Take to time to touch the products and take the time to choose them. Ask about food origin and the person who produce it. Once you are at home, take this recipe you were thinking about and if new read it carefully and mindfully so you know the steps in advance. If it is one you know by heart, take time to think about why you cook it regularly. When I cook, I take the opportunity to eat some cheese, always something local, regularly something new. I take the time to discover or rediscover the flavours. Many people pour themselves a glass of wine, and if you do so, don’t do it automatically, smell the wine, taste it, enjoy it. If you are not alone, why not gathering everybody in the kitchen so you can chit chat while the meal is getting ready and take time all together.
Once the meal is ready, pause to first discover it with your eyes. Try to identify the different smells that come to your nose. And when you do eat it, do it mindfully. Identify the aromas and textures which come and develop into your mouth. Your meal, even though you might have gathered regular ingredients and prepared a common dish, has taken a completely different meaning. Welcome to the era of mindfulness, the era of slow. Welcome to Slow Food.

Twitter @Holistic_steph

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