The Pasture-Fed Livestock Association

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The Pasture-Fed Livestock Association  champions the virtues of pastoral farming, providing a distinct identity for meat from animals that eat only grass and forage crops their entire lives, and are not fattened quickly with cereal grains.

Being 100% grass-fed the meat produced in this way is much tastier and healthier for humans to eat, with lower total fat, more beneficial fatty acids and more vitamins and minerals.This way of farming is also better for the environment, with diverse pastures buzzing with wildlife. It has a low carbon footprint, as the soil below grass captures and stores carbon.

Using grass to produce meat is efficient too – it makes use of land which cannot be used for producing human food whereas intensive meat production requires ten calories of animal feed to make just one calorie of food for human consumption.

Farmers who take the ‘Pasture for Life’ route have unhooked themselves from the compulsion to produce meat as quickly as possible. PFLA members who follow the certification standards can apply the ‘Pasture for Life’ logo onto their packs of meat – so look out for this when buying.

There is often also a QR code available at the point of sale, which can be scanned with a smart phone, taking buyers to details of the farm and animal the meat came from – so fully traceable from farm to fork!


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