The Open Seas Trust

The Open Seas Trust

The Open Seas Trust is a Scottish charity (SC045699) founded in 2016 to promote sustainable seafood by catalysing urgent improvements in fisheries management, and halting environmental damage to UK coastal seas.

Our team is passionate about sustainable seafood and support the principles of the slow food movement. We aim to improve the ecological condition of our marine environment, and the sustainability of wild-harvest seafood, to underpin nature recovery and the many livelihoods that depend on healthy seas.

We carry out a combination of research, investigations, policy work and campaigning to highlight both the problems and solutions to unsustainable fishing. We believe in the power of people to make a difference. We value our many collaborations with coalitions and alliances to build a ground-up movement for genuinely sustainable seafood, that avoids greenwash and rewards sustainable producers.

Alongside our public campaigns highlighting the damaging impacts of fisheries such as scallop dredging and bottom-trawling, we run research and positive market-based projects such as our Essential Fish Habitat initiative and the Edinburgh Sustainable Fish City partnership. Most of all we urge our supporters to get informed, ‘fish local’ (by finding out what seafood is seasonal, sustainable, and local) and join the campaign for change.

Check out our website and social media accounts for updates.


Twitter: @TheOpenSeas

Instagram: @openseas_crew


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