The Butchery

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Focused on providing, tasty, native-breed, free-range, pasture fed, dry aged meat sourced from small farmers who care.

At The Butchery we like to keep it British wherever possible, though sometimes the best truly does come from somewhere else (we are Australian!), or a product really isn’t available in the UK.  We will definitely be telling you where it is from. Pride as a butcher, respect for the animals we kill to eat and a desire to be sustainable means The Butchery Ltd buys whole animal carcasses, butchering ‘nose to tail’ in the traditional manner which is done by so few these days, then adapting cuts for the modern palate.

Meat is seasonal, stay posted to @Naththebutcher or @TheButcherySE23 on Twitter or ask whilst shopping each week what’s new and what’s coming soon. Check out the rest of the website for some of our favorite regular suppliers and breeds. We aim to provide something a little more than is available from most of London’s butchers.

Meat is free-range, as chemical free as possible, preferably rare and native breed, pasture-fed and sourced directly from smaller farms or in conjunction with Traditional Breeds Meat Market. If you want to know more just ask us, as every farmer and season is different.


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