Taw River Dairy

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Tucked away in the heart of rural Devon is Taw River Dairy, owned and run by Sam and Katie, a passionate, young couple with a love for animals and the countryside. We both have come from farming backgrounds and have worked hard within the agricultural sector since a young age. Our land base and livestock have been built up by ourselves over the years, after starting with nothing we feel this is quite an achievement.

Together we have a combined interest in farming sustainably and as naturally as possible, allowing all our cows to rear their own calves is fundamental to our holistic beliefs. Although this is not a modern farming method it does take us back to basics, back to our roots and back to the ways our grandparents kept dairy cows. After all Sam’s Grandfather provided milk in a very similar way for the local area more than 60 years ago so it is in in our heritage to do the same. Our dream is to share this with you and provide you with our ethical premium products.

Our small eco-friendly farm is home to 20 Jersey’s both pure-bred and crossed with other native dairy breeds. We believe that happy cows produce happy milk, and we think that because our cows are grazing as many days as possible and all rear their own calves then they must be among the happiest cows in the country. Here at Taw River Dairy we also have a small flock of Romney sheep who co-habit with the cows, they help maintain the the species rich meadows that our cows love so much.

Due to our natural system the cows are only milked once a day, we take just half of the milk to make sure the calves do not go hungry. This delicious raw milk is then taken to our on-site processing room, here it is turned into the delicious products that are available to you.

Taw River Dairy has always been about caring for our environment, wherever possible we use sustainable options, from re-usable glass bottles to compostable ice cream spoons. All our land and animals are farmed organically and we have our own bee hives, our bees are important in the pollination of our herbal and grass leys and vital to making our special Devon Clotted Cream and Honey Ice Cream.

If you would like to discuss our environmentally friendly practices or even to see them at work them please drop us an email.

Taw River Dairy – Ethical, Sustainable, Irresistible

Luxury ice cream and sorbet artisan made in the heart of Devon. The smoothness and depth of flavour throughout our ice cream range is due to the highest quality dairy ingredients. Jersey cows milk and cream are used from our own small herd of Jersey cows which we farm as ethically and sustainably as possible.

Taw River Dairy has always been about the cows and the environment. We believe farming should work with the environment and not against it. We farm organically and keep animal medicine usage to an absolute minimum, no antibiotics are used on the farm. Holistic grazing techniques help to build soil structure and organic matter, we even have our own bees help to pollinate our meadows. Low food miles and reduced carbon emissions are just a couple of the benefits of not buying in feed for the farm, most concentrated feeds are made up of cereals imported from all over the world!

All our dairy cows rear their own calves, we only milk the cows once a day and remove the milk that the calves do not need. Our cows are grazing for at least 280 days a year, they are only housed during the winter when the weather gets nasty and the fields become wet. All this makes our cows among the happiest cows in the country, and being happy and healthy they produce the most delicious milk!

All this amounts to the exquisite texture and flavour of our ice cream, come and find us to learn more ….



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