Bere Mill Farm

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Bere Mill Farm produces grass fed, home bred beef and lamb for sale in its own purpose built on site butchery which is open on Saturdays from 8.30am-5.30pm for sales and online order collections.

All stock is bred and raised entirely on the farm and fed only grass and hay grown on site.

The cattle, Belted Galloway and the sheep, Black Welsh Mountain and Suffolks, graze the watermeadows of the River Test. They grow slowly and are left out throughout the year.

Much of the farm is SSSi and the farming practices aim to ensure that wildflowers thrive, that we have a full breadth of insect and bird life and that this will not only breed healthy livestock but produce fantastic tasting meat.

The butchery allows us to hang the beef for as long as we feel right and to butcher to order.

We have developed our own burger and sausage recipes and our aim is to bring together the best of traditional livestock farming with the best of butchery.

We believe in the culture of reconnecting people and businesses to the local farms where their food is produced and so we welcome visits from prospective chefs and restaurant managers to show them the farm, theĀ animals and to discuss their requirements.


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