Bellillo Pizzeria

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Bellillo is the first English based Napoletana Pizzeria that has a different philosophy to the rest, making their pizza one of a kind. They constantly research and experiment with their flour, in order to create a light, fragrant and tasty dough.

Their Products

Researching and using organic, seasonal and territorial products is their main priority. Through constantly looking for the most traditional Italian excellences and certified labels, they are able to produce a Pizza that is rich with the flavour of the Italian land.

Their Responsbilities

At Bellillo, they have an organic, sustainable and fair approach to food. From the beginning, they aimed to support SLOW FOOD movement,  with their shared values of regional traditions, good food, gastronomic pleasure and a slowpace of life.

Contact Details:

Restaurant Address

255 Munster Road

Phone 020 73811411
Twitter @bellilloUK


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