AVLAKI Superb Organic Olive Oils

AVLAKI Superb Organic Olive Oils
AVLAKI Superb Organic Olive Oils
AVLAKI Superb Organic Olive Oils

We produce very particular organic, unfiltered, extra virgin olive oils –  bottled fresh from the milling to capture as much as possible of the astonishing taste, aroma and the nutritional benefits of new olive oil.

Our mission is to educate about the benefits which come ONLY from good quality fresh EVOO. The British public has hitherto been sadly deceived.

Grown on Lesvos Island. Greece; our olives are harvested ONLY  in December when the fruit is at its optimum, milled the next day, the oils bottled unfiltered and unadulterated asap in January in the UK.

They are particularly light in texture,  never overwhelming any food – so excellent for the variety of cuisines we enjoy here….

We are strictly organic,  our fields left uncultivated to support wild  flora and fauna and improve the soil.  We only strim growth just under the tree canopy immediately  before harvest.

The two Directors personally supervise every stage of production from tree to bottle to ensure proper practice,  authenticity, provenance and quality.

We have 2 ‘finishing’ oils from separate terrains which produce distinctly different finishes.

Also a general purpose organic EVOO (again December harvest/January bottling)  which comes from organic colleagues at the mill we use.

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