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Slow Food UK disappointed at Tesco’s attitude towards sustainable tuna

Slow Food UK was disappointed to see on Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall’s Fish Fight on Sunday night, supermarkets back to their old tricks, but it came as no surprise. Tescos made bold promises about their tuna in previous Fish Fight programs, but as soon as the spot light is off,  appear to be introducing tuna back on the shelves that has been caught using unsustainable methods.  In the wake of the horsemeat scandal, they have clearly failed the test of the promises they made to be more open about their supply chains, which is perhaps inevitable given their age-old  race to undercut prices of competitors in order to gain market share.  The fact that Tesco’s sells tuna at 49p a tin is a travesty; Greenpeace would be the first to recognise that ethically sourced food, and particularly animal protein, should cost more, and that we need to consume less.  Here at Slow Food our aim is to provide co-producers (as we like to call consumers) with ethical choices, and we encourage people to use local, independent shops that stock ethical brands of tuna, such as the Fish4Ever brand, one of our Slow Food Supporters.  Ethical brands like this one provide a market for the small-scale, less destructive fishers to continue making a living. These fishers have skills and knowledge accumulated over generations. Our ability to consume ethical tuna will fade along with the demise of these fishers, so it is vital that we co-producers support them. Without them,we have no hope of better fishing in the future.


For more information, please see the Slow Fish manifesto and website 



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