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"My main concerns are the current obesity epidemic, unhealthy/extreme eating behaviours, poor dietary practices and our wasteful food culture"
Lucy, Slow Food on Campus University of Plymouth

Through enjoying food and encouraging others to do the same, you have the opportunity to actively contribute to the food system within your university or higher education establishment and to significantly improve the knowledge of the beneficial effects of a sustainable diet.

Slow Food on Campus can help you realise your potential to affect change within your own educational institution through both raising awareness and promoting the ethos of the global Slow Food movement.

Get involved!

If you are at a higher education institution, such as college or university, we encourage you to explore the fantastic regional foods and become part of a new, vibrant community, both on campus and within the wider local area. Sourcing locally not only helps to support the local economy of the community but also reduces your carbon footprint.

Other Useful Organisations: There are some similar organisations doing great things to engage and encourage people to skill up and learn new things about food, the environment and sustainability.  Check them out, you might find them helpful!


Slow Food on Campus works with the NUS (National Union of Students) to contribute to the Green Impact Student Unions initiative, helping to encourage students’ unions to embrace good, sustainable food systems through engagement with the student body and local community.

Keep your eyes on the NUS website for info on your rights as a student, advice, competition and discounts.


Student Eats

Student Eats is a project led by the NUS, supporting institutions across the UK in cultivating their own student-led growing sites for fruit and vegetables


Student Cooking.TV

Slow Food on Campus aims to cover as many of the food issues surrounding us as we can, including helping to change the way students eat through offering the knowledge about how to cook and what/where to buy.

Student Cooking.TV is an excellent, online resource for students who need some inspiration and/or help in the kitchen.  Focussing on working with universities around the country the website has a glut of videos all about recipes, handy hints and tips and the specifics of each Uni and its town.


You might find these helpful too:



For information about Slow Food on Campus please email
or call 020 7099 1132

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