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Slow Food on Campus
Slow Food on Campus
Slow Food on Campus
Slow Food on Campus

Slow Food on Campus is a student-led initiative. This programme promotes and develops local food cultures related to all aspects of university life.

At the end of 2012, Slow Food on Campus performed a research survey targeting the eating and spending habits of students in regards to weekly food consumption (link to press release here). Some of the results were startling and one major finding was that most students spend more on alcohol each week than they do on food. Read the press coverage of these results in the Cambridge Varsity Newspaper and in The National Student Magazine.

This is why Slow Food Education Programmes are vital for informing the British youth of the current issues in Britain’s food system, and why Slow Food on Campus is a necessary organisation for all universities across the UK.

Students who participate and raise awareness about Slow Food’s ethos of Good, Clean and Fair Food through the running of societies on UK campuses are present at these universities:




Campus logos for websiteAre you a student?

Are you passionate about food, where it comes from, how it is made and where the future of British food culture is going? If so, visit the student section for inspiration or have a look at our student resources guides for information about guidelines, general information about Slow Food on Campus, as well as useful aids to further your Slow Food on Campus experience.

Are you a course director/lecturer?

Slow Food UK is dedicated to education and engagement in all forms.  We are now able to offer bespoke presentations/lectures about the Slow Food movement and ethos. These can be relevant to those studying food related subjects, hospitality and business. Slow Food takes so many forms that add a new and relevant angle to many subjects.

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If you want to bring Slow Food on Campus to your university please email for more information.

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To find out more about Slow Food on Campus please email or call 0207 099 1132



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