Producers – Pig breeds and products

Producers – Pig breeds and products
Producers – Pig breeds and products
Producers – Pig breeds and products
Producers – Pig breeds and products
Producers – Pig breeds and products

Here is a list of all of our UK Ark of Taste pig breeds and products and their producers. The dedicated work of these producers helps spread the message of Slow Meat: Better, Less.
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The Tamworth pig is easily identified by a golden red coat, long legs and pricked ears. The Tamworth is very hardy, allowing it to be kept in a range of environments such as rough pasture, forest and meadowland. It is one of the great dual purpose pigs producing both great pork and bacon.

Robert and Sara Buttle – Buttle Farm
Robert and Sara take great pride in rearing their pigs in the right way, allowing them to roam around the fields and mature slowly. Having become increasingly disillusioned with how the vast majority of meat in Britain is produced, they knew they wanted to produce high welfare meat that they could eat knowing that their animals had enjoyed an extensive free range life with a natural and varied diet.
Nick and Jon Francis – Paddock Farm
Nick is particularly interested in preserving the integrity of the Tamworth breed and its unique character that makes it such a good breed for pork. He was joined by Jon to set up Paddock Farm to deliver what he felt many people lacked: great meat, produced honestly, and in the most environmentally and ethically conscious manner.
Amanda Cayley and Chris and Denise Walton – Peelham Farm
Having joined forces in 1990, Amanda Cayley and Chris and Denise Walton wanted to realise their vision of successfully running an organically run farm that was focused on producing high quality, high welfare meat, supplying directly to the customer.
Peter and Juliet Kindersley – Sheepdrove Organic Farm
An organic farm in Berkshire with butcher shops in Bristol and Maida Vale, as well as an online shop that sells sustainably-reared meat and pantry items. We are proud to have such a long standing relationship with Sheepdrove Organic Farm, which rears four Ark of Taste breeds.
Peta and Anthony Lloyd – Fallowfields Farm
When Peta and Anthony bought Fallowfields in 1993 they had no previous experience in running a hotel, but over 20 years down the line have they expanded to include a small farm, as well as an award winning restaurant headed by our Chef Alliance member Matt Weedon. The farm, attached to the hotel, provides the restaurant with the freshest, highest quality ingredients for the menus.

The Berkshire pig has a short but deep body and is is mostly black with white trotters and white markings on the face.  The breed is hardy and compatible with outdoor rearing. The pigs produce good pink coloured pork which has good marbling, a fine texture and sweet juicy flavour.

Jon and Charlotte Clarkson – Three Little Pigs
Three Little Pigs is a real family farm, run by Jon and Charlotte with the occasional help from their three children. The farm is located high on the Yorkshire Wolds, where the Clarkson family has been farming for five generations.
Robert and Sara Buttle – Buttle Farm
Peter and Juliet Kindersley – Sheepdrove Organic Farm

British Lop
The British Lop is one of the largest rare breed pigs and is white in colour with long, fine silky hair. The breed is long bodied with a relatively straight back and large, thin ears which droop over the face. The British Lop is a hardy breed, good forager and efficient converter of low quality feed.

Liz and Steve Bateman – Hazeldene Farm
Situated in an idylic setting on the edge of Chesham, Liz and Steve Bateman run Hazeldene farm as well as a shop where they sell their high quality rare breed meat and some other local produce. Passionate about rearing rare breed animals in the traditional way, they know that caring for their animals produces better quality meat.
Andy and Rachel Porter – Mere Pigs
Mere pigs is a small family run farm nestled in the South West corner of Wiltshire. They take great pride in the fact they they are helping to keep one of Britain’s most endangered pig breeds alive and they know the only way to do this is to get this wonderful breed back onto people’s plates.
Giles Eustice – Trevaskis Farm
Giles’s ancestors have been farming in Cornwall for over 400 years, and so it is fair to say it runs in his blood. The British Lop is one of the rarest pigs in Britain and Giles is determined to not only get the breed off the endangered list but make ‘British Lop’ a household name.
Faye Litherland and Tim Ball – Somerset Farm Traditional Breeds
Hornblotton Farm, home to Somerset Farm Traditional Breeds, is owned and run by Faye and Tim. They specialise in producing the best quality meat money can buy, with an emphasis on British rare breeds.

Large Black
The Large Black pig has lop ears and a long, black coloured deep body. It is docile and due to its skin colouring the breed thrives outside. The quality of the meat is excellent with a rich gamey flavour.

John Eaton – Cornish Black Pigs
John is determined to rear his pigs in the traditional way, totally outdoors. His pigs live stress free lives and are free to roam the fields, grazing on grass as well as rooting around all the oak trees on the farm, the way pigs should.
Sheila Crighton – Seven Fields Farm
First and foremost Sheila was attracted to the Large Black pig because of incredible flavour of the meat it produced. Secondly the Large Black pig is one of Britain’s rarest pig breeds and she could not let the bloodline of such an incredible breed go extinct on her watch.
Robert and Sara Buttle – Buttle Farm
Faye Litherland and Tim Ball – Somerset Farm Traditional Breeds

Middle White
The Middle White is a medium sized, white skinned pig with distinctive pricked ears and a short squashed snout which makes the breed less likely than to root. The breed is docile, grows quickly and matures early producing high quality pork which is well-marbled and renowned for its excellent flavour.

Peta and Anthony Lloyd – Fallowfields Farm
Faye Litherland and Tim Ball – Somerset Farm Traditional Breeds

Gloucester Old Spot
The Gloucester Old Spot has large lop ears and pale skin with irregular black spots. It is a dual purpose breed with a docile nature. The carcass produces well-marbled meat and the depth of the body produces high quality bacon and crackling.

Lara and Oliver Madge – Park Mill Farm
Lara and Oliver Madge moved into Park Mill Farm in 2009. As they had no previous farming experience they attended a day long pig keeping course and consequently bought a few Gloucester Old Spot piglets. They haven’t looked back since.

Oxford Sandy & Black
The Oxford Sandy & Black pig is medium sized and well known for its free, active gait and strong straight head with either lopped or semi lopped ears. The breed is light boned with a high ratio of meat to bone on the carcass. It does not take on fat easily and produces lean meat with no markings.

Susan Tanner – Plum Pudding Pigs
Susan is keen to promote her breed and wants to spread the word about the high quality meat these pigs produce. The welfare of her animals is of the utmost importance to her as knows that a happy and stress free life is the key to producing the best quality meat.
Robert and Sara Buttle – Buttle Farm

Pedigree Welsh Pig
The Pedigree Welsh pig is white with lop ears meeting at the tips just short of the nose. The Welsh pig is known for being hardy and having the ability to thrive in both indoor and outdoor conditions. It has what many consider to be the ideal ratio of meat (70%) to fat (30%).

Mike and Luke Cross – Kilvrough Welsh Pigs
Mike and Luke Cross are a father and son team based in the beautiful Gower Peninsula. Historically Welsh Pigs have been reared on their land, and so Mike and Luke take great pride in bringing the breed back to the Gower.
Illtud Llyr Dunsford – Charcutier Ltd.
Hailing from a family which has been farming in the Gwendraeth Valley in Carmarthenshire for centuries, for Illtud returning to farming was a natural step. Illtud and his partner began by making traditional Welsh products such as bacons, hams, brawn, faggots, sausages and black pudding, but curiosity led them to look into southern European curing methods.

Bath Chaps
Bath Chaps are the cheek and tongue of the pig tied or pressed into shape before being boiled, skinned and breaded. If fat equals flavour, Bath Chaps are blessed. They include with a fairly high fat content, ensuring the meat stays juicy and succulent.
James Swift – Trealy Farm
Having initially started the business at the farm where he lived, he has since moved on to a larger premises – while still retaining the same passion and commitment to good food and its connection to the land. In James’s eyes Britain has the best quality meat (the most important element of charcuterie) and so it makes complete sense that Britain produces cured meats that are up there with the best in the World.

Lincolnshire Stuffed Chine
Lincolnshire Stuffed Chine is the cured neck chine cut of pork, slashed deeply and packed with parsley, simmered or steamed and served sliced once cold and set.

Charcuterie and other products
The formula to producing consistently delicious charcuterie is simple – an emphasis on using locally grown, sustainably reared animals which are then treated with the respect they deserve.

James Swift – Trealy Farm
Peter Gott – Sillfield Farm
Peter is a self-proclaimed ‘man on a mission’. Farming is his business and his passion, and while he works very heard to make his business a success he is also intent on promoting a system of farming to the public that focuses high welfare animals where quality is the most important factor, not quantity. From the age of 17 he took over the family market stalls and gradually grew the business selling bacon, sausages and other farm related products.
Illtud Llyr Dunsford – Charcutier Ltd.


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