Producers – Poultry breeds and Game

Producers – Poultry breeds and Game
Producers – Poultry breeds and Game

Here is a list of all of our UK Ark of Taste sheep breeds and products and their producers. The dedicated work of these producers helps spread the message of Slow Meat: Better, Less.
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Authentic Aylesbury Duck
The Authentic Aylesbury Duck has white feathers and a pink beak. The flesh is pale, soft and tender, with little grain and is less fatty than most other duck types.


British Red Grouse
The Red Grouse is a medium sized (single portion) game bird. From both a taste and a shooting perspective it is widely considered to be the finest game bird in the world.

Ben Weatherall – The Blackface Meat Company
Nestled among the heather clad hills of South-West Scotland, the Blackface Meat Company aims to provide the public with the highest quality game available, as well as locally reared lamb, mutton, beef and pork.


Norfolk Grey Chicken
The Norfolk Grey (Gallus gallus domesticus) is a rare chicken breed which originated in Norwich but is now reared across the UK.


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