Producers – Cheese and Dairy

Producers – Cheese and Dairy
Producers – Cheese and Dairy
Producers – Cheese and Dairy
Producers – Cheese and Dairy
Producers – Cheese and Dairy
Producers – Cheese and Dairy
Producers – Cheese and Dairy
Producers – Cheese and Dairy

Here is a list of all of our UK Ark of Taste cheese and dairy products and their producers. The dedicated work of these producers helps spread the message of Slow Cheese.
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Artisan Caerphilly

Often known as “The Crumblies” due to its texture, Caerphilly cheese was mainly produced on small family farms in the Caerphilly area in Wales as a way of using up surplus milk, due to its short maturation period.

Carwyn Adams – Caws Cenarth
Caws Cenarth has always been famous for producing creamy, fresh-flavoured Caerphilly and Carwyn maintains that tradition today.

Artisan Cheshire
Cheshire Cheese is a hard pressed cow’s milk cheese which has a salty, sweet and nutty flavour and a light, flaky texture.

Artisan Dorset Blue Vinny
Dorset Blue Vinny cheese is a hard skimmed cow’s milk cheese with a creamy white colour that is cut through by thin blue veins. Despite the cheese being very blue, it is not overwhelmingly strong, since the mould has a mild herbal taste.

Mike Davies – Woodbridge Farm
Located in the heart of the Dorset countryside, the Davies family have been residing at Woodbridge Farm for over 40 years. In 1980 Mike Davies made the bold move to resurrect the 300 year old recipe for Blue Vinny.

Artisan Double Curd Lancashire
Double Curd Lancashire is a hard, crumbly cheese with an exceptionally mild, sweet flavour and a mellow tang.

Graham Kirkham – Mrs Kirkham’s Dairy
Graham joined the family business in 1993, promoting his wonderful product through farmers markets and events, slowly building the reputation of his cheese on a local and national level.

Artisan Red Leicester
Originally known as Leicestershire cheese and crumblier than Cheddar, Red Leicester is a russet-red hard pressed cheese made from unpasteurised cow’s milk.

David and Jo Clarke – Leicestershire Handmade Cheese Company
Red Leicester has been produced on Sparkenhoe Farm since 1745 and David and Jo are keen to restore this historic industry which is synonymous with Leicestershire.

Artisan Single and Double Gloucester
The original Gloucester cheese was a coloured cheese made from full-cream milk from the local Old Gloucester cow. Gloucester cheese has developed into two versions.

Daylesford Organic Farm
Daylesford Organic Farm is located in over 2000 acres of beautiful countryside of Gloucestershire. They produce organic meat, poultry, fruit, vegetables, bread, milk, cheese and yoghurt. Daylesford supports an ethical, responsible sourcing of goods, sustainable packaging and a low carbon footprint.
Jonathan Crump – Standish Park Farm
Jonathan is passionate about his beautiful rare breed Old Gloucester cows and so using their milk to produce his Single and Double Gloucester Cheese was a natural progression.

Artisan Somerset Cheddar
Artisan Somerset Cheddar has a richly mouldy brownish-grey rind and hay-yellow curd. The texture is firm yet buttery, and the curd has flavours of caramelised milk, hazelnut, and bitter herbs.

Keen’s, Westcombe, and Montgomery’s form our Artisan Somerset Cheddar Cheese Presidium. Presidium members only use milk produced on their farms and they use it, untreated, within a day of milking and solely local ‘pint starters’ are used to culture the milk. The Presidium has been created with the goal of educating consumers about a different type of Cheddar made from fresh local raw milk and crafted by hand
The Keen Family – Keen’s Cheddar
Maintaining traditional cheese making techniques is central to their philosophy, enabling the family to produce consistently high quality Cheddar for over a century now.
Richard and Tom Calver – Westcombe Dairy
Westcombe Farm has had a tradition of cheddar making for over a century, with the cheese being made at the site since the early 1900s.
James Montgomery – Montgomery’s Cheddar
The Montgomery family have been farming in North and South Cadbury for three generations, making their famous Montgomery’s Cheddar.

Colwick cheese is produced in such a way that it has a distinctive bowl shape and traditionally locals would fill the bowl with different fillings, both sweet and savoury.

Jane and Alan Hewon – Belvoir Ridge Creamery
Jane was brought up near Nottingham, where Colwick Cheese is still a part of many people’s memories, and having experimented with traditional cheesemaking techniques for many years, the move to Colwick Cheese was an easy decision.

Whey Butter
Whey Butter is a by-product of cheese making. It is produced when cream is separated out from the whey that is produced during the cheese making process.

Mary Quicke – Quickes Traditional
While Whey Butter is a simple ingredient it is a result of the high quality raw milk used in the cheese-making process at Quickes Traditional and the skill and hard work of a team that are dedicated to producing cheese and whey butter in the traditional manner.


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