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Love The Earth – Slow Food International Appeal

Love The Earth - Slow Food International Appeal

For the first time, we’re launching a major international campaign to support Slow Food’s projects to defend biodiversity. The aim is to mobilize the entire network worldwide: every contribution is important, big or small. We want to transmit a positive message (“together we can change the future of the planet and construct a better world”) but it also contains a sense of urgency (“we have to act immediately”) and an appeal (“we need everyone’s help and participation”).

Joining the campaign does not require great financial commitment. Even a small gesture makes a big difference. In fact, our aim is to start a process whereby Slow Food is supported by many small donations from the members of our network. This campaign will help our association to maintain and expand its extraordinary network around the world and to widen the scope of our projects.

We hope this fundraising model will support Slow Food’s initiatives in the future, adapting to different geographic areas to agree on the most effective initiatives for each country. This is an important challenge, and it must be taken on gradually, but in the end it will guarantee our ability to make free and independent choices and spur a greater sense of belonging and participation among our unique global movement. To reach this objective, we need everyone’s help.

Finding new resources in a new world is key: but with the support of the individuals at the grassroots that make up all the diverse strands of our network, we can do it. Slow Food has been working to build a better world every day for the last 30 years. During that time, agriculture and food production have been both the main causes and the first victims of a terrible loss in biodiversity.

In fact, over the last 70 years we have lost a third of all domesticated animal breeds, and three-quarters of domesticated plant varieties due to the widespread application of industrial farming systems. That’s the work of farmers over the last ten thousand years, lost forever. And it’s not coming back. To prevent further mass extinction, we need to act now, with practical projects that support small-scale agriculture and defend biodiversity. That’s what the Slow Food Foundation for Biodiversity is doing all across the world, with over 500 Presidia (involving more than 15,000 producers), 2,500 gardens in Africa, and 4,000 products catalogued in the Ark of Taste…