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Established in 1895 by Luigi Lavazza, Lavazza Coffee is the leader in Italian retail market and one of the world’s most prominent roasters. Lavazza’s entire history is marked by a series of brilliant insights, starting with the very concepts of blends, invented by the Lavazza family.  For a company whose primary mission is to spread real Italian Espresso around the world, Lavazza take pride in having a strong presence at international haute cuisine events and of the menus of the world’s most exclusive restaurants in the world. The key to Lavazza’s success lies in constantly growing, innovating and evolving without ever betraying traditions.

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Lavazza has positioned itself as high premium coffee and has supported Slow Food in its endeavors to spread the message of good, clean and fair food. This partnership underpins Lavazza’s affinity with the world of gastronomy and culinary innovation, coupled with support and passion for sustainable and quality produce.

Together with Slow Food, Lavazza have worked together to produce Etigua. A premium blend combining Slow Food’s philosophy and presidia with Lavazza’s 120 year history of expertise in coffee blending. Etigua: Good, Clean and Fair Coffee, is a unique blend, with an aromatic complexity and limited availability.

More than a blend but an encounter between the Huehuetenago highlands in Guatemala and Harenna Forest in Ethiopia. In the forest, coffee grows wild in the shade of the tall trees in the mountains of the magnificent Bale National Park. Huehuetenago is a highland coffee, grown at an altitude of 1900 metres in the Chuchumatanes in an ideal microclimate which provides the perfect conditions for the coffee cherries to mature. The cherries are harvested by meticulous hand picking, so that only the best and most mature cherries are selected, in full respect of the ancient traditions. In Ethiopia the cherries are dried in the sun on suspended nets and in Guatemala drying takes place after a careful fermentation process.

Etigua is a creamy espresso coffee with a good body and has the fragrance of mature fruit and honey, with a reminiscent finish of caramel and biscuit. A medium roasting profile that keeps intact all the fragrance, obtained by a discontinuous air roasting process, thus achieving a product that is homogeneous from bean to bean. A unique and unmistakable taste experience.


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