Below is information about our volunteer-led groups. Members can attend any meetings of any groups, not just your most local. If there isn't a group in your area and you are willing to volunteer to start one please see how here.

Please also note that Group leader emails are included here so that members and potential members can contact them. Please do not email our leaders with information about products and services. If you are a company and you wish to engage with Slow Food, please see our exciting new Supporters' Scheme which will enable you to demonstrate your support using our Supporters' Scheme logo.

If you have queries about research projects please contact our Head Office via [email protected]

North West

Group Leader:
Paula McIntyre

Northern Ireland North West is launching on the 2nd December 2015 headed by Director for Northern Ireland, Paula McIntyre


Group Leader:
Graham Taylor, Chairman; Edoardo Conti, Secretary
[email protected]

Slow Food Glasgow is a friendly group of Glasgow food lovers
committed to promoting the Slow Food movement’s principles of good,
clean and fair food for all across the city. Our aim is to create
opportunities for people to learn how to grow, cook and enjoy good
food together, be it through our own projects and events or through
supporting […]

North East Wales – Gogledd Ddwyrain Cymru

Group Leader:
Trine Hughes
[email protected]

The start of a Slow Food group in any area is exciting. We are particularly excited about North East Wales, with is lush pasture and prolific number of artisan producers, there will be so many opportunities to learn together we may not be able to fit it all in! We have already had an amazing amount of […]

Tayside & North Fife

Group Leader:
Lyndsay Cochrane
[email protected]

Slow Food Tayside & North Fife is a friendly and diverse group of people passionate about food and where it comes from. We are proud of what the region has to offer and are committed to promoting the Slow Food Movement’s principles of good, clean and fair food for all.
We aim to support a culture […]

Slow Food Lancashire

Group Leader:
Phil Keenan
[email protected]
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The Slow Food Lancashire group has recently reformed and we’d love to welcome you to our growing network of highly valued, volunteer members conveying the Slow Food ethos.
Our activities include: taste workshops, farm visits, social meals, film screenings, markets and festivals, educational projects and much more.
Follow us on twitter @slowfoodlanc

Email [email protected] to Join Slow Food Lancashire for just £10 (normally […]

Slow Food Aberdeen City & Shire

Group Leader:
Julie McNeil
[email protected]

Slow Food Aberdeen City and Shire is a friendly group of eager food lovers committed to promoting the Slow Food Movement’s principles of good, clean and fair food for all. We are particularly proud of the wonderful larder the region has to offer and seek to reconnect producers and growers with customers in order to develop a sustainable food system.
We […]


Group Leader:
Ed Martin
[email protected]

Slow Food in the Garden of England.

Slow Food Kent works to bring together and to promote the best of local foods, food producers, chefs and cooks from across the county of Kent, known, with good reason, around the world as the garden of England.

Orchards, vineyards, seafoods, dairy produce, soft fruit, top fruit, hops , beer cider […]


Group Leaders:
Kate Smith
[email protected]
Charlotte Watkivs - Birminham SFYN (Slow Food Youth Network)
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Slow Food Birmingham’s arrival is timely as the city is undergoing a food renaissance. The Birmingham convivium/group was established in January 2018 by leader Kate Smith with Chef Alliance member, Brad Carter and several food minded locals, all keen for some diverse independents to fit the middle gap between impressive Michelin food and its unique […]