Oxon & Cotswolds

At one time Slow Food Oxon was one of the largest Slow Food groups in the country. We are delighted to inform you that together with a group of new and existing local members the group has just been relaunched alongside merging with Slow Food Cotswolds.

The new Slow Food Oxon & Cotswolds will be stronger than ever, with events and campaigns, including school garden projects.  The £3 our monthly subscription costs is the same  price of the “value” fried chicken meal that many people will eat tonight. Not because it’s good value or good quality, but because so many people lack the most basic food knowledge.

(Re)Joining Slow Food Oxon & Cotswods will

  • Help us build more school gardens and orchards: together we can show  children where food comes from, that it has real value, and teach them to cook
  • Help us run more community programmes, which teach adults of all ages how to budget and shop, and eat nutritious, sustainable and sustaining food on a budget
  • Help us campaign for a better and more just food system ensuring your voice is heard in the corridors of power at home and abroad
  • Help us to celebrate good, clean and fair food, by producing guides, newsletters and information sheets full of hints and tips, for all ages and abilities

Please sign up as a Slow Food member here and select the Oxon group from the local groups list!

Your Group leader is Shane Holland, Director for England


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